July-September 2023


Congratulations, Graduates!

This issue is a tribute to this year’s graduating class. After several years of going through university life—both the serious side and the lighthearted one—the Class of 2022 leaves behind the halls of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) and enters the “real world” where they have to use everything they have learned in MUIC  to survive their first job and carve out a successful career. To celebrate this occasion, we have asked 12 graduating students about their plans, their memorable experiences as a university student, and how MUIC has helped in their development.

Message from the Dean

Roots and Wings

By Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, M.D.

The great social reformist Henry Ward Beecher once said, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots…the other, wings.” As I reflect on the 2023 graduating class, I am confident that you have received both.

With MUIC as your second home, you worked hard to learn to master what you love, you have helped create a strong, stable community of friendships that will last a lifetime, contributing to the identity of MUIC with your creativity, initiatives and optimism.

The teachers that have guided you through your classes are also to be commended for instilling in you values, principles, and ethics and for serving as good role models. The disciplines that they have taught are the roots that anchor you to your present and allow you to grow steady and strong.


Finally, it is you who are to be congratulated for having paved your way towards a bright future, your hard-earned degree in hand. I have no doubt that you will soar with purpose and fortitude, towards your next destination in life. I wish you pride in every endeavor you will undertake and happiness as your dream takes flight.

On behalf of the faculty and staff members of Mahidol University International College, congratulations on your commencement. The world awaits your passion, your talents and your possibilities.

Soaring to Success

After four years of university studies, a new batch of MUIC students is graduating this October to face a new phase in their life. As callow youths who first entered the hallways of MUIC, this batch has matured into young men and women ready to make their mark in society. MUIC has always been their refuge, their incubator, their second home. It is at MUIC that they imbibed much knowledge, where they honed new skills, where they learned that the world out there is not just a place they would attempt to conquer but also the home of fellow humans that they can serve. The fledglings’ wings have grown stronger. They are now ready to take flight and soar in the sky. To them we say, “Congratulations!” and wish them the success that they deserve.


Ms. Natnaree “Fong-Fong” Hosakul
Major: Chemistry
GPA: 3.64

Concentration: Cosmetic Track
Current Status:  Enrolled in MSc. Drug Discovery and Pharma Management program, University College London (UCL), UK

“I had enrolled in a pharmaceutical science class which piqued my interest in this industry. Learning about the properties of each drug and its synthesis has captivated me so much that I reached out to a researcher from NSTDA to aid in my thesis on nanoemulsion, which is also related to drug delivery systems.

“Chemistry major provided me with a solid foundation in scientific principles and critical thinking skills, which are valuable in various fields such as research and pharmaceuticals. The knowledge and skills I acquired have proven highly beneficial as I pursue my master’s degree. Moreover, the lab skills that I learned can be crucial for my future career.”


Ms. Sopanant “Mye” Datta
Major: Food Science and Technology
Minor: Chemistry
GPA: 3.90

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Research Assistant (Computational Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Analysis)
  • Lab Assistant (Introductory Chemistry Lab)
  • Executive Member of MUIC Sigma Club (Treasurer, Vice President, President) (2021-2022)


  • Regional Round Awardee, Startup Thailand League (STL) 2021
  • Gold Prize, Young Rising Stars of Science (YRSS) Award 2022

Current Status: Self-employed

“One of my most memorable experiences in MUIC was my first research project opportunity. Together with two other classmates, I participated in a food microbiological project in 2019 to isolate E. coli from leafy green produce, supervised by Dr. Tumnoon Charaslertrangsi. We procured produce samples from suppliers in Bangkok, conducted many laboratory experiments, collected data and analyzed results. Not only were we able to learn various laboratory techniques, we also developed daily and weekly plans, executed our work and handled challenges both independently and as a team. Overall, this project was a valuable experience that started my learning journey outside of classes in MUIC.”


Mr. Tanapat “James” Sathapornsermsuk
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Psychology
Concentration: Biomedical Science
GPA: 3.75

Extracurricular activities:

  • President, Sigma Club (2023)
  • Treasurer, Dance Club (2021 – 2022)
  • Dance performer in MUIC Open House, MUIC Open Days, MUIC festivals and holidays
  • Contestant, EG’OKE 2023 Cover Dance Competition (Team Ranked 7/18)

Current Status: Enrolled in Chulalongkorn University’s International Medical School (CU-MEDi)

“My biological science major prepared me for my future career by building my fundamental knowledge not only in biology, but also physics and chemistry. Because I would like to be a doctor, grounding the basics for MCAT for CU-MEDi admission was important to my pathway to medicine. Being in the Biological Science program helped me to explore my interests within many fields of biology. I got to know which field of biomedical science I like and I aced these favorite subjects. I realized it would help a lot if I become a medical specialist related to these subjects and I could do research on these intriguing fields. Knowing what I like helped me decide which path I should take.”


Mr. Chayapon “First” Thunsetkul
Major: Physics
Minors: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
GPA: 3.78

Extracurricular activities:

  • Secretary, 628 Class Committee (CMM628) (2019 – 2021)
  • Secretary, MUIC Board Game Club (2020)

Current Status:

  • Full-time Data Scientist, The Gang Technology
  • Part-time Research Assistant, Department of Physics, Mahidol University


“When it comes to pursuing a future career as a data scientist, having a background in physics is a hidden gem. It teaches you how to break down complex problems, gather and analyze data, and draw meaningful conclusions – all skills that are gold in the data science field. Plus, the ability to think logically and creatively, which I’ve honed through my Physics studies, is a huge advantage when working with data. Majoring in Physics at MUIC has given me a solid foundation for success in any line of work, especially as a data scientist.”


Mr. Pariwat “William” Huang
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Applied Mathematics
GPA: 3.66

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Sports Commissioner, Student Association (2019 – 2020)
  • Recipient, TF LEaRN @NTU Scholarship
  • Recipient, Young Ambassador Scholarship, Mahidol University

Current Status: Business Architecture Analyst, Accenture Thailand

“One of my most unforgettable experiences      happened when I participated in a cooperative education program. I was lucky to be selected to work at a well-known      tech company, Agoda. This experience had a profound impact on me and my career. Also, my major has prepared me for my career by developing my technical proficiency and problem-solving skills. The ajarns that I have had to study with motivated me to work hard and develop a mindset for continuous growth. Their advice and support were immensely valuable in preparing me for the professional world.”


Ms. Kanyanat “Mimi” Lerviriyaphan
Major: Finance
Minor: Chinese
GPA: 3.88

Extracurricular Activities:

  • 1st Runner-up, Yggnite Sustainability Challenge
  • Trainee, Junior Marketing Association of Thailand (J-MAT)
  • Lead Content Writer, Young Entrepreneur Assembly Hub (YEAH)

Current Status: Transfer Pricing Consultant, Ernst & Young

MUIC’s Finance curriculum already covers much of CFA Level I topics. Thanks to the MUIC CFA Level 1 Scholarship and provided tutoring, I passed the exam, giving me a valuable edge in my future career. Another notable feature of MUIC is interdisciplinary education. The broad range of MUIC’s general education courses enhances career preparation. It nurtures adaptable skills, critical thinking, and versatility – qualities highly prized by employers in today’s dynamic job market, particularly within an evolving professional landscape amidst disruptions.”


Mr. Anirudh Kwatra
Major: Business Economics
Minor: Marketing
GPA: 3.68

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Vice President, AIESEC Club (2021)
  • Second Runner-up, Hult Prize Case Competition, Mahidol University

Current Status: Business Analyst, AWR Lloyd

A memorable experience I had at MUIC was taking on a leadership role in the AIESEC Club where I served as an officer and committee member. This role involved planning and executing events, coordinating activities, and collaborating with fellow students. It not only enhanced my organizational and leadership skills but also allowed me to create a positive impact within the university community. This experience taught me the value of teamwork, effective communication, and event management, all of which are transferable skills applicable to various career paths.”


Ms. Khanlaya “Amy” Hancock 
Major: International Business
Minor: Marketing
GPA: 3.45

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Member, Animal Lovers Club, Badminton Club, Football Club (2019)
  • Member, MUIC Futsal Team (Freshy Games)

Current Status:

  • Owner, Ruubi Online Clothing Brand

“My major in International Business at MUIC not only provided me with a solid foundation in global trade, market analysis, and international business strategies but also cultivated my ability to work effectively with diverse teams. MUIC’s collaborative and inclusive environment frequently placed me in situations where I worked with different groups of people from diverse backgrounds. This experience prepared me for the real world, where collaboration and adaptability are essential. Moreover, it was during my time at MUIC that I gained the knowledge and confidence to launch my own online clothing brand, Ruubi. This venture allowed me to apply the principles I learned in my major and develop a unique perspective on international business and marketing. These combined experiences have equipped me to excel in my future career, where I’ll leverage my expertise in international business and marketing to navigate global markets and create innovative strategies for success.”


Mr. Wattanai “Jam” Amornsirikul
Major: Marketing
Minor: Psychology
GPA: 3.33

Extracurricular Activities:

  • External Vice President, Student Administration (2021-22)
  • President, Volunteer Club (2020-2021)

Current Status: Digital Marketing Freelancer / Business Owner

Rubnong gave me my first memorable experience in MUIC. I enjoyed it thoroughly because it created a strong bond between sophomores and freshmen. The friends I met back then still remain my friends. During the three-week activity, we played games, danced like crazy and dressed up weirdly. I don’t think there would ever be another moment in my life where I can do those crazy things again. On the other hand, I recommend students to join the Volunteer Club’s 10-day Volunteer Camp. We helped renovate schools in rural areas, teach young kids and do fun activities with them. Whenever I look back, I always miss the camp.”


Ms. Prayfa “Noon” Poonkrasee
Major: Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship
GPA: 3.67

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Sports Club Commissioner, Student Association (2021-2022)
  • Contestant, UNWTO Students’ League Competition (Topic: “Plastic Pollution Challenge”)

Current Status: Football Academy Administrator and Creative Content Creator, NIST International School

“Enrolling in the Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship program enables you to thrive in a global environment and      be more attentive to the expectations of people from different cultures and backgrounds. I consider it to be one of the most significant components for work regardless of any profession, and it allows us to be integrated into society and work more easily. Having the chance to do a 6-month internship in this major has made me extraordinarily well-prepared for a smooth transition from college to the professional world.”



Ms. Monnapa “Taengmo” Jantarovart
Major: Communication Design
GPA: 3.78

Current Status: Graphic Designer, Storylog Co., Ltd.

“CDP taught me the correct thinking and working process. They were the same practices in the actual workplace. With this skill, I didn’t need much time to adjust to my workplace’s working rhythm, and it almost felt as if I’m just continuing what I was doing in my college years. My superior even complimented me when I first began working that my working process clicks with them fast and is impressive. Another way is the variety of paths to experience during the college years. CDP provides various courses for us to try, allowing us to realize our proficiency and preference faster, and when we’re choosing jobs to apply for, it’ll become easier.”



Ms. Thanachanok “Nay” Padungchaipoomthai
Major: Media and Communication
Concentration: Creative Content

GPA: 3.84

Current Job or Graduate School Program:  KOL News Reporter, Content Creator

“Choosing Media and Communication as my major was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. This major provides you with skills that you can enhance and adapt for use in most careers and even in a lot of situations. I am currently a Kol News Reporter, reporting in both Thai and English. If I hadn’t studied in this major, I wouldn’t have landed this job in the first place. This major also taught me how to conduct media analysis. This enhanced my ability to produce and transmit the message to the audience effectively. This major also allows you to conceive your own ideas and expand your creativity skills. With the guidance from the teachers, I can now produce quality creative content.”



Mr. Pongpisut “Paul” Tamjaruwat
Major: International Relations and Global Affairs
GPA: 3.45

Extracurricular activities:

  • Treasurer, Freshmen Welcoming Committee (2020)

Current Status: Team Assistant, United Nations ESCAP

“IRGA contributed much to my success. The major has shaped me to become well-rounded and skilled in academic writing, communication, analysis and teamwork—skills that are vital for one to succeed in the international relations and humanitarian field. The major has also prepared me for the real-world job market by teaching me how to make  our cover letter stand out, how to pass job interviews, and how to act professionally at work.”


Ms. Sarisa “Aom” Srisukprasert
Major: Intercultural Studies and Languages
Concentration: Foreign Languages
Minor: Chinese

GPA: 3.20

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Project Manager, Student Association (2020-2021)
  • Part-time Member, MUIC PR Team

Current Status: Applying for graduate school

“Beyond the English proficiency that every MUIC student acquires, ICCU (now ICIC) program also imparts foreign language skills like Chinese, significantly enhancing my resume and setting me apart from peers. The ICCU program also provides insights into cultural understanding, logic, history, society, and the intricate nature of humanity through literature and historical backgrounds. This unique skill set has not only helped me facilitate      better interactions with international travelers but also elevated my job performance, demonstrating the holistic and impactful education provided by MUIC and my major.”

Inspiring the Next Batch

With these graduating students’ success stories, it is hoped that their younger schoolmates would be further inspired to study harder and dream bigger. They can rest assured that the MUIC community will always be there to help them in their growth and development.

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