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MUIC Employment Reports

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) was Thailand’s first international bachelor degree program at a public university. A distinctive feature of the MUIC curriculum is its strong focus on Liberal Arts Education which promoting a well-rounded learning for its students to be applied to the living and working life.

MUIC offers not only knowledge or degree but also ethics and self-learning skills to its students for their whole life.  In the global challenge, the students who do not wish to pursue a master’s degree or doctoral degree have been placed as the employees in a multinational company right after their graduation ceremony.

This study aims to learn the career path of the MUIC graduates which completed the study in each academic year. The results of the survey will be represented into two parts which are Mahidol University’s strategy No. 2 ‘Excellence in outcome-based education for globally – competent graduates’ and the overall results of graduates employment according to Mahidol University International College Performance Assessment respectively.

Reported by Career Development Unit, the Office of Student Affairs. Contact 02-700-5000 Ext. 1707.

MUIC Graduates Employment Reports of the Academic Year