Students Review Hotels

To acquaint its members with customers’ preferences, the THM Club came up with a contest called “MUIC Hotel Review” on May 5-17, 2021.

Participants were asked to upload photos of the hotel and their short review on their Instagram Story using the hashtag #MuicHotelReview and tagging the club’s Instagram page and two other friends from MUIC.

A total of 183 students joined the contest with the following students selected as the winners:

1. Poramud Nawasonthi (Media and Communication Major)
2. Thawanrat Kuasakul (Marketing)
3. Narulkorn Suthammetha (International Hospitality Management)

Each of the winners received as prizes 4,500 Baht worth of food and beverage vouchers from Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel.

The club said it plans to publish in the near future the reviews entered in the contest to benefit more people.