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North America
American and Canadian universities provide a wide variety of solid academic programs. International students can select the relevant courses based on their academic background and interests. Many students are especially interested in studying in the USA because of its reputation for academic excellence. Some students will choose programs in Canada because they can study French and its cultural heritage.

The most outstanding reason to choose Europe as a study destination is to improve third language skills. Over 25 languages are spoken in Europe, some of which are the most important languages in the world, such as French, Spanish, Italian, English and German. Students who study these languages will have opportunities to improve their language skills in concert with various academic programs and cultural experiences.

The 21st century has been designated as “the Century of Asia.” Students who choose to study at our partner universities in Asia will have an opportunity not only to improve their skills in such languages as Chinese and Japanese but also to experience the region’s cultural diversity, particularly in ASEAN countries. MUIC is a leading member of the ASEAN University Network (AUN) which supports student mobility by focusing on educational opportunities in the region. Under the auspices of the AUN, students are able to choose any ASEAN member nation as a study destination. This regional focus takes on added significance with the fast-approaching launch of ASEAN 2015, which will usher in unprecedented cooperation and integration among ASEAN countries.

A lot of students choose to study in Oceania because the quality of education and international standard. The advantage of its geographical area in the Pacific makes it feels closer to home for Asian students. The universities in Oceania offer all academic disciplines including social sciences, tourism, media communication, business, biology, engineering, ecology, and other life sciences. This destination is a unique place to learn more about how to manage a self-contain country. Students will find just the diverse culture in the totally different setting of this tropical region.

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