The Beef Lasagna Campaign

Let’s explore the fun facts of food we eat

You are invited to…

“the Beef Lasagna Campaign”
By Nature Lovers Club’s Restaurant

To participate in this activity:
1. Follow our IG (muic.natureloversclub)
2. Read the information on the posters that we posted on IG — (optional) play our little games and quizzes on IG
3. Do the survey attached in each post and screenshot the last page (submitted page) of the survey
4. Go to the link on our IG bio to fill out your personal information and send us the screenshot

 10 participants will be randomly chosen to get our “surprising rewards” 

Note: if you also participate in our games/quizzes on IG when it posts, screenshot it, send it to us, and we will double your name in the spinning wheel

[Activity Transcript is also provided]

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