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From an Advertising Agency to a Creative Artist!

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From an Advertising Agency to a Creative Artist!

  • Introduce yourself/ What do you do?

As BBA and numbers were not my type, Marketing seemed to be the best major for me when I was in MUIC (there is no art-related major at that time). I joined Art Club, Photo Club, Social Studies, and creativity – related activities to escape from academic world. Also enrolled in extra courses related to arts and designs, both in college and outside college. And once I graduated from MUIC, I found that the advertising agency industry was the best career path for me to live in the creative world. So I applied for the position of Account Management because I could not be in creative position due to my degree and experience.

After having a great fun and challenging time, working almost 15 years in top agencies – while doing some freelance work on art and design and did my master degree in Design and enrolled in many short art-related courses – I thought it’s time to fully pursue my dream of being an artist. I asked myself how I would like to end my life, the answer is that I want to die with art (imagined a paint brush in my hand when I die), not advertising (imagined me getting a stroke in an office due to the intensity of advertising and marketing nature).

Life is short, anything can happen, why spend time on what you do good, but not what you love to die with. So I quit my job, where I was a Group Account Director, to be on my own – being an artist of my dream.

Lower income, different social status, new world but a happier and more peaceful world. Finally found my place to grow again.

  • When did you become interested in art?

Since I was a little kid, selling my own drawing paper-doll (ตุ๊กตากระดาษ) to my classmate in an elementary school.

  • What is it like to shift from marketing to art?

Deep. Peaceful. Slow pace. Know more about my inner self than know about the outside world.

  • How did ‘SUPIS Studio start?

It was started since I did my freelance artist job while I was working, 5 years ago.

  • If mention your top 3 artworks, what are they and why?
  • My Life as Ali Thomas’s Ocean song cover – It’s one of the commercial works that allowed me to explore my artistic mind and subconscious. Normally client always provide a brief that is clear and guided me to create specific art piece, but not this band. The brief was so open; doing anything you feel once you listened to the given song. And that allowed me to express motions, recall my hidden memories and feelings. I cried with joy when I did this art piece. The sadness and happiness of some memories gave me profound feelings.

– IG: explored this #mlaatxsupis >>

  • The Little Self (my latest painting) – It’s an art commission.

            It’s a dedication art piece to the love for the most important person in every life; the love for oneself ❤️😌. This piece of work was a commission from a client. She asked me to draw and create whatever for her. The brief was open and broad. She and I have something in common, so we are easily connected. So, this work was from our life experiences.

            After I resigned from my full-time job, with a slower lifestyle, I had time to understand myself and things around me more. I started to work with a therapist to understand and reflect on my authentic self. I also recommended the therapist to her. I learned a lot what I had never known about myself before; for example, I thought I really loved myself and I was happy every day but actually, I had a part that I had some self-critical thoughts about myself because of the social norms and social concept taught to me since my childhood. I thought the happiness was real but it was not. The negative feeling, the sadness and something missing in my life, those feeling were deep down inside me, which I had never been aware of them before.  Working with the therapist made me realize that everybody has a subconscious mind. Some call it an “inner child” and I refer to it as “The Little Self,” which is the name of my piece of art. It took almost 2 years since 2020 to complete this work.

– IG: explored this #TheLittleSelf >>

  • Clay and ceramic work (which I’m still learning / exploring)

I found clay is peaceful and really make me focus on the present moment. The whole process of clay / ceramic teaches me to face and accept imperfection, changes, disappointment, instability, and to lower my expectations. It allows me to travel into my inner self and soul.

– IG: explored these #SupisArtPlate #SupisSculpture >>

  • How did your education and working experiences in the marketing field shape your career path?

Marketing knowledge and some part-time classes from Photo Club and Art Club that I got from studying in MUIC helped me to get into advertising agency in the account management role, which was the first career that I was attracted to and loved.

The advertising world also allowed me to exercise my creativity mixed with marketing and management knowledges. I formed my uniqueness, personality, confidence, logic, feelings, thoughts, growth mindset from the advertising world.

All of the above created me as an artist who understands and is open for all marketing, advertising, business, and spiritual art world.

  • “Finding yourself” or “Creating yourself”, which is more important in your idea?

No need to find, no need to create, just being aware of yourself is the most important.

Being aware on how you really feel, aware on how you live, what you want, what is comfortable for you, what you really need and why.

  • How was your student life in MUIC?

My student life in MUIC was fun and impressive. I must say, MUIC gave me the best friends in the world. Because my academic results were not so good, I ended up spending 4.5 years completing my BBA, while my friends spent only 4 years. It was my friends who helped me a lot. Tuition, suggestion, guidance, and support from friends were the most important during that time. In addition, I expressed and explored my love of art and design through various exercise. Condo and dormitory’s decorations are among them. My roommate supported me, accepted me the way I was. I created costume jewelry and sold to friends. Many friends bought them and even helped me sell them to their families. Some friends opened my world to art, photos, films and music, which were like oasis to me during my years at MUIC.

MUIC gave me the best friends in my life and they are still my real and supportive friends until today.

  • Any suggestions for MUIC students who want to be like you?

ไม่ต้องอยากเป็นคนอื่น เป็นตัวเองจริงๆ ให้ได้ก่อน

(ถ้าไม่รู้ว่าตัวเองจริงๆ เป็นแบบไหน ก็ค่อยๆ ทดลองและสังเกตุไป)

No need to be like me or others, be your real self, be honest with who you really are.

(If you don’t know who you really are, please do explore, through trial and error, experiment and observe with mindfulness)

Web :

IG: @supis #supisdrawpaint


Line@: @supisstudio

Ms. Supisara Premkamonmas (4380346)

Marketing, MUIC Class of 2005

Artist, Founder of SUPIS STUDIO

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