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What’s Your Idea for the Future University? (Part 2)

1000-Idea for the Future University-part2

What’s Your Idea for the Future University? (Part 2)

Here’s the second part of the article featuring MUIC students and their ideas on what we might find in a future university—apps that can help our lives a bit easier while studying.

Just like the ideas shared in Part 1, the suggestions of these students from Computer Science and Creative Technology are certainly unique and worth a try!

All-in-One App

part-2-1000 Future Uni_Orion_1 copy

Mr. Orion Walker
Creative Technology, 1st Year

If only there was an all-in-one program for students. Where they don’t need to login to multiple websites to check their classes, grades, information etc. This program/app can be called “Sky Net” or something just to keep it in the theme of this university. Sky Net will be a program that can be installed on all platforms whether it’s Mac, IOS, Windows, Linux, or Android. This program will have its own built-in video call system (for online classes), class schedules, notice board, your usual “Sky” system but it’s new and improved.

Students can also check assignments and grades through this program, they can do their work and upload it onto the assignment tab and wait for it to be graded. Students can get notified 10 minutes early before their class starts and they can simply login to Sky Net and join the class video call in just a few clicks if it is online, otherwise, they can simply travel to their class. Sky Net can also have its own social media section dedicated to the university’s communities. There can also be Sky Net Mail, where anything related to university matters will be sent to students here, so that they don’t have to check their emails where it is mixed up with other messages. Students can use Sky Net mail to contact their friends, classmates and professors.


Upgraded App for Online Studies

Mr. Athit Eakapapan
Creative Technology, 1st Year

The future university is a really interesting topic to discuss. Due to the Covid-19 situation, many universities globally decided to make their own online system that allows the students to study remotely from their home. Personally, I think this is a really good system for students and if they could have a choice of studying either online or on-site then it would be beneficial for them since every student is unique.

part-2-1000- Future Uni_Athit_1 copy

Moreover, introducing the student to an application where students learn anytime they want would be great. The main functions of the application will be to provide class information, a video recording system, and a chat box wherein students can ask them after class instead of sending them an email. Additionally, the system that I would like to introduce has a checklist and schedule system which would allow students to look at the schedule which will be displayed as the calendar for each day of the class. This calendar will also provide significant information such as deadlines of assignments, lessons that have been discussed in the class, and quiz or final exam dates.

My idea that can be innovative in “The Future University” is quite a simple one but I believe it may be useful to many.

For many people travelling to university by their personal cars would often find it hard to get a proper parking spot. Sometimes they might end up finding a spot where they have to walk very far to reach their classes and at other times they have to park under hot sunlight which can be bad for the car. My suggestion would be an online app where it updates the parking spots in MUIC every 15- to 30-minute intervals. This can be achieved using sensors or even having a guard near the parking area register whenever a car enters and parks and when a car leaves the parking lot. This way students and professors can be alerted easily once a spot they want is available without having to search for a long time.

Easy-to-find Parking Spot

Mr. Naphong Chadha
Computer Science, 2nd Year

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