Which country would they want to represent in MUN?

You ever desired to be representing a Country and raising awareness on global stage? 

Well MUN is giving an opportunity to it’s participants in our 3rd Activity which is about “Which country do you want to represent in an MUN conference?”

How to become part of this activity?

Come up with a country you dreamt of representing 
Explain why would you want to represent particular country? 
Submit here: https://forms.gle/yrdzNDAgd4pXT2VS7

Date: 8-12 Nov (midnight)

There are 3 rewards in total!
1st place = 1,500 THB
2nd place = 700 THB
3rd place = 300 THB

**Awards will be determined via popular vote on our Instagram @muicmun from November 13-14

 All participants will receive AT hours for participating