MUIC 360 Degrees

JAN-MAR 2023


Charting a New Path

With a fresh 4-year mandate, the MUIC leadership is charting a new path for the college. Unsurprisingly, the answer lies at the heart of MUIC. Founded as the first international college in a public university in Thailand 37 years ago, MUIC’s latest strategic plan can be summed up in three words: creating global citizens. Keeping the college’s international standards and maintaining a multicultural environment can only lead to graduates who are open, well-rounded, understanding of others, passionate about their studies and future careers, mindful of their social responsibilities and secure in their place in the world—indeed global citizens. In this issue, we use the plan’s strategic goals as a framework to view what MUIC has been accomplishing recently and what its near- and medium-term plans are.
Message from the Dean

Global Citizenship

By Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, M.D.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word ‘citizen’ as that person who inhabits a place. Consequently, by that definition, we are all serendipitously born as citizens of this world. Citizenship, on the other hand, is different. It implies a more deliberate and intentional existence that happens by choice rather than by chance.

By that definition, Global Citizenship is an existence where inhabitants of this planet realize that people, communities, and nations are interdependent and interconnected and that actions and decisions made in one part of the world can have profound impacts on others who may reside on a different part of the globe.

As an international higher education institution, MUIC strives to cultivate such a mindset through a diverse, globally-minded educational environment that encourages and engages learners to develop a life-long love for      learning so they will continue to understand the ever-evolving issues that are affecting our planet. Such understanding can bring about incentives to innovate environmental, economic, and social solutions that are long-lasting and sustainable.

It is also my hope that, in the process, you will find yourselves enriched by the experience, engaged with the world that surrounds you and empowered by seeing what you can accomplish both individually and collectively as a team. Being both ‘in the world’ and ‘of the world’ — that is global citizenship.

MUIC’s New Strategic Plan

Beginning in April 2022, the Executive Team of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) started to review the college’s vision, mission and goals in order to keep its competitiveness amidst the challenges and opportunities it is currently facing.

After reflecting on the college’s accomplishments in the past several years, the Executive Team—through the facilitation of the Office of Strategic Planning and Quality Development— worked together with the academic division chairs, program directors, administrative section chiefs and unit heads in the past year. 

They identified MUIC’s strengths and weaknesses and the emerging challenges in the near future were taken into account. The college’s vision and mission were then revised      and new goals were set along with the drafting of new strategies.

This issue of 360° Magazine presents the highlights of the new strategic plan vis-à-vis      what the MUIC community has accomplished in recent times, serving as both a guide for implementing the strategic plan and      a measuring stick with which to evaluate the success of its implementation.

Equipped with a new vision, mission and goals, it is safe to say that MUIC will be able to successfully reach its new objectives in the near future


MUIC inspires innovation, fosters human potential, and creates new knowledge through the integration of arts and sciences in an international environment, ultimately resulting in education, research, and services that answer the needs of society and benefit humankind.


Enriching Lives, Expanding Potentials, Shaping Futures


  1. Develop and foster a global mindset (foster global citizenship)
  2. Lifelong learning supported by a synergetic liberal arts education
  3. Sustainability

In this issue, we examine the three goals outlined in the strategic plan and present both the recent accomplishments of MUIC along with future plans and activities.

Goal No. 1: Global Citizenship

Enhance Global Mindset of Students and Staff

Being an international college, MUIC gives much importance to students undergoing an international experience. A significant percentage of the studentry is composed of international students, almost half of the faculty members come from various countries, and the college has a very active student exchange program and strong links with partner universities abroad. All these are meant to develop and foster a global mindset among the students, faculty, and staff. Through these enriching experiences, it is hoped that members of the MUIC community embody global citizenship.

Student Exchange Program

No. of inbound students: 244 students

No of outbound exchange students: 79 students

(Figures from Academic Year 2021-2022)


Activities for Exchange and Visiting Students

  • Orientation
  • Buddy Program
  • Field Trip
  • Farewell Party

Faculty and Staff Exchange

There was a faculty exchange between MUIC and Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business of Denmark under the Erasmus program. Asst. Prof. Ibrahim Sleiman visited MUIC on June 1 to 10, 2022 while Dr. Jesper Ole Dopping, Program Director of the International Business Program of MUIC’s Business Administration Division went to Zealand from June 7 to 10, 2022.


Asst. Prof. Dr.  Ka Tat Nixon Chen of the Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) Division went on a faculty exchange visit to Burgundy School of Business (BSB) in Dijon, France during March 13-20, 2023. 


Under Mahidol University’s Short-term Visiting Professor Agreement, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akhyar Rido of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia, Republic of Indonesia, collaborated with Asst. Prof. Dr. Analiza Liezl Perez-Amurao, Chairperson of the Humanities and Language Division (HLD) of MUIC. Dr. Rido delivered a talk on “Freedom to Learn: A New Education System in Indonesian University” organized by the MUIC’s Office of Academic Affairs while Dr. Perez-Amurao delivered a talk about using the Canva program via Zoom for Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Dr. Rido and Dr. Perez-Amurao continue to work together in the area of research and publication the most recent of which is a project titled “Model Pembelajaran SMK Pusan Keunggulan berbasis Humanistic Learning Theory dengan Pendekatan Sinkronus dan Asinkronus” (Model of Humanistic Learning Theory-based Vocational School Centre of Excellence Using the Synchronous and Asynchronous Approach). Said project is funded by Badan Riset dan Inovasi National (the National Research and Innovation Agency) of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the area of collaborative research, Assoc. Prof. Takayoshi Fujiwara of HLD’s Foreign Language Program, has been undertaking a collaborative research project with Dr. Daisuke Akamatsu, a full-time faculty member at Kyoto University of Education, Kyoto, Japan, since January 2022 with the topic “Second and Foreign Language Learners’ Beliefs about Knowledge and Knowing.”

List of International Expert Seminars

Special Lectures by University of Bristol (November 7, 2022)

  • 1st Topic “Is Inequality Bad for Economic Growth?” by Jahir Islam
  • 2nd Topic “Financial Technology” by Quoc Tuan Ho
  • 3rd Topic: Academic Lecture in Social Policy “Digital Transformation of Public Services” by Matthew Lariviere

Seminar by University of Sussex (November 8, 2022)

  • “Traditional Valuation Methods Meet New Digital Assets” by Prof. Zhang Xiaoxiang

Seminar by NY Times National News Visual Editor (January 25, 2023)

  • “Visual, Digital, Immersive Storytelling” by Mr. Clinton Cargill

Global Competitions

Another effective way of developing a global mindset is through participation in international competitions.

In 2022, three Food Science and Technology students (Ms. Panyawaree Saringkarnpoonperm, Ms. Kittiwadee Kittisuphat, Mr. Napasadol Tangsittichoke) reached the semi-final round in the APEC 2022 Future Food for Sustainability: Plate to Planet competition.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pin-anong  Weesapen (International Relations and Global Affairs) was accepted to the Doha Debates 2022 Ambassador Program, one of 40 selected from among 300+ applicants.

Two years ago, in 2021, Team Kratomic—consisting of Ms. Darya Makhotkina, Ms. Intira Setavoraphan, and Ms. Princess Erica Mendoza Gallemit, all from the Food Science and Technology major, and Mr. Kantaphon Chaokitkha, from Business Administration majoring in Finance—was selected as one of the semifinalists in the prestigious Hult Prize (2021).

A Communication Design Program (CDP) alumnus, Mr. Poovakorn Watcharaphongphiphat (Class of 2019), won the “Iron A’Design Award for A’Public Awareness, Volunteerism, and Society Design Award 2021-2022 during the A’Design Award & Competition for his senior project, “Roi-Re.”

The CDP’s senior project exhibition in 2020 entitled, “Ten Thousand To One” and its promotional material won the “Bronze A’Design Award for A’Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award” during the A’Design Award & Competition held recently.

A team of Business Administration students from MUIC competed in the 2022 IIBD International Case Competition on November 4, 2022. 

The International Affairs Office coordinated between the BA Division and Hong Kong Baptist University, the event organizer and host of the competition, respectively.

Even in Thailand, MUIC students and alumni are also getting recognized for their international pursuits. A Communication Design Program (CDP) alumna, Ms. Warinee Pisitpundha (Class of 2017), recently won an award from Vogue Thailand 2022’s  “Vogue Who’s On Next, The Vogue Fashion Fund 2022” for one of her collections under her own fashion brand “Marchmay.”

Even in Thailand, MUIC students and alumni are also getting recognized for their international pursuits. A Communication Design Program (CDP) alumna, Ms. Warinee Pisitpundha (Class of 2017), recently won an award from Vogue Thailand 2022’s  “Vogue Who’s On Next, The Vogue Fashion Fund 2022” for one of her collections under her own fashion brand “Marchmay.”

Two German language students (Ms. Sathida Sethapram majoring in Intercultural Studies and Languages and Ms. Pinda Viriyapongsri from International Relations and Global Affairs Program, received awards for being “outstanding German language learners”      during the TFG German event held in 2022.

A team from MUIC won 1st runner-up in the prestigious HSBC Thailand Business Case Competition 2022.

Internship Abroad or in International Organizations and Multinational Corporations

According to the Tourism and Hospitality (THM) Division, there were 19 students from its Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship Program who are undergoing internships abroad, including in the USA, UK, France, Switzerland, China and Singapore from 2022 to 2023. The International Affairs Office listed two instances wherein MUIC students underwent internship abroad. One of them became an intern at the Department of Food Nutrition Facilities at FH Münster in Germany after a semester of exchange studies. Another MUIC student was an intern at The Equus Hotel in Hawaii after a semester as an exchange student in Hawaiʻi Pacific University.
In the Social Science Division, many of the students in its International Relations and Global Affairs Program (IRGA) seek internships in international organizations and multinational corporations. In Term 2 of Academic Year 2022-23, internship sites included the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), APCOM Foundation, ASEAN Training for Social Work and Social Welfare, Greenpeace Thailand, Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Belgian/Luxembourg-Thai Chamber of Commerce, W Bangkok Hotel, Marriott International, among others.

Future Plan

It is envisioned in the new strategic plan that there would be more opportunities for internship abroad for MUIC students as part of the college’s effort to equip the students with a global experience and mindset.

Promoting Multicultural Engagements and Inclusivity

Knowing more about other people and culture is a crucial step for students to learn, understand, and embrace the importance of differences.
The International Affairs Office is at the forefront of this initiative, having organized multicultural activities for several years now. One of these is the MUIC Exchange Fair where the inbound exchange students and the MUIC students who were former outbound students engage and help in sharing information and their experience about studying at partner universities to MUIC students who are considering to become exchange students themselves. The Humanities and Language Division’s Intercultural Studies and Languages Program (ICIC), on the other hand, did a soft launching of its ICIC Cultural Week the MU Open House held in October 2022.
In October 2022, ICIC 251 Contemporary Southeast Asia: Cultural Studies class visited the ASEAN Cultural Centre housed at the Rachadamnoen Contemporary Art Center in Phra Nakhon, Bangkok. The primary goal of the visit was to provide ICIC 251 students a channel through which they learn further about Southeast Asia’s diverse art and culture.

Future Plans and Activities

It is envisioned in the new strategic plan that there would be more opportunities for internship abroad for MUIC students as part of the college’s effort to equip the students with a global experience and mindset.

Promoting Service Learning

Through service learning projects and courses, members of the MUIC community are able to engage with various communities. Interacting with people from different social and economic backgrounds will promote the value of empathy, enhance critical thinking as well as enable the students and faculty members to use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of humankind.

Over the years, MUIC has consistently encouraged its faculty, students and staff to perform community service.

The Volunteer Club is the lead student club in organizing activities that enable students to perform voluntary work for people and communities in need. During the last quarter of 2022,  the club had three community service projects. These included two fundraising projects and a 7-day volunteer camp that saw its participants doing volunteer work for a school in Phetchaburi province.

The International Relations and Global Affairs Program (IRGA), meanwhile, co-organized with UNICEF and the APCOM Foundation a workshop on September 30, 2022 entitled “Adolescent Mental Health and Well-being” that taught the participants how to recognize and report incidents of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

In turn, 10 of the MUIC students volunteered to be co-trainors in a similar workshop conducted, this time, among 10-14 year-old students at the Orphanage Foundation of Thailand on October 7, 2022.

MUIC initiated a plan to develop eight corporate social responsibility-oriented field courses that include community service components to further give students the opportunity to perform volunteer work.

Through the Student Affairs Office, two of these are already being offered in the Business Administration Division (ICGS145 Management of Community Service Project handled by Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanarerk Thanakijsombat) and in the Social Science Division (ICGS146 Salaya Community Service Learning Project handled by Dr. Matthew Copeland).

Future Plans and Activities

The Student Affairs Office is working on projects that correspond to Mahidol University’s social engagement criteria. The Office of Academic Affairs, meanwhile, is spearheading the development of the six corporate social responsibility-oriented field courses. The IRGA Program is seriously considering upgrading its national orphanage project into a regular annual activity to get its students more involved.


Numerous MUIC alumni have gone to work either in companies abroad or in multinational corporations or international organizations here in Thailand. The following is just a sampling of these successful alumni who have done well on the global stage.

Ms. Rosemary Gosteli Dela Cruz (Bachelor of Arts Intercultural Studies and Languages, Class of 2019, Highest GPA of Graduating Class)

Multicultural Strategy and Communications Lead

Bank of Ireland

Global Excellence Scholarship Awardee for Southeast Asia 2019

Mr. Sirachai Arunrugstichai (Bachelor of Science Environmental Science, Class of 2010, Outstanding Alumni Awardee 2016)

Independent Photojournalist and Marine Biologist

Associated with Getty Images APAC, IUCN, WildAid, Ocean Conservancy, Save Our Seas Foundation, etc.    

Ms. Karn Piluntanadilok (Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Class of 2013, Outstanding Alumni Awardee 2021)

Global Product Marketing Manager, Google, USA

Mr. Patradol Kitcharoen (Bachelor of Arts Animation Production, Class of 2014)

Storyboard Artist, Bento Box Entertainment, USA

Ms. Alissara Kulchaipanich (Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, Chinese Minor, Class of 2012, Outstanding Alumni Awardee 2020)

Senior Manager, North America E-commerce

MAC Cosmetics, Estee Lauder Companies, USA

Ms. Chirakan Pornsopit (Bachelor of Arts Social Science, International Studies Concentration, Class of 2006)

Counselor, Royal Thai Embassy, Rome, Italy

One of the strengths of MUIC is its highly diversified academic programs of different disciplines. This can be turned into an asset of the college by using it as a launching pad for interdisciplinary learning experiences with a strong academic support that inspires lifelong learning. Focusing on three areas—namely a synergetic liberal arts education, immersive interdisciplinary education, and international accreditation—      affirms MUIC’s position as a leading liberal arts college in Thailand.

MUIC Connect

MUIC Connect is one of the college’s latest means of lifelong learning. Designed not only for current students, MUIC Connect allows staff members, alumni and professionals to continue their intellectual growth through online lessons. Try out for yourself one or two or more of these online courses by scanning this code:

Goal No. 2: Lifelong Learning

Partners of Lifelong Learning

MUIC-generated resources like MUIC Connect is not the only means of achieving lifelong learning. The college also establishes partnerships with other universities and outside agencies to procure learning opportunities for its students. One example is the recently concluded partnership between the Communication Design Program (CDP) and the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) and Creative Economy Agency (CEA) to create and organize numerous workshops, seminars and activities for Fine and Applied Arts (FAA) Division students. CEA is established to support and develop creative economy, enhance the entrepreneurs, create an ecosystem for the creative personnel, and create connections with wisdom, culture, and production sectors which are factors in driving the country economy.

The Business Administration Division places great emphasis on lifelong learning and personal development. In a business school setting, it is crucial for our students to continuously enhance their knowledge and skills to stay ahead in an ever-changing and competitive global market. To support this, we offer various opportunities for students to engage in projects and activities that challenge and broaden their knowledge and skills.  For example, our courses have incorporated project-based learning that requires students to work on real-world business problems and find innovative solutions. This enhances their critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills.

Prof. Dr. Alessandro Stasi
Chair, Business Administration Division

Future Plans and Activities

Synergy with Liberal Arts

Under the college’s new strategic plan, a synergetic liberal arts education is envisioned to support lifelong learning. It will strengthen the highlights of each division and redesign each academic program to fit with the current, fast-changing education environment.

Immersive Interdisciplinary Education

Also, MUIC aims to maximize the potential of courses that provide      its students with real-world work experience      and project-based learning. These programs will turn students into well-rounded individuals armed with knowledge that can be applied in real life.

Independent Projects

Several divisions are already gearing up to attain these objectives. The Humanities and Language Division, for instance, will have a special section called “Independent Project Showcase” during the division’s Cultural Week scheduled in  June 2023.

International Accreditation

Getting accredited means a university’s quality of education is being recognized by its peers. It is an important step for MUIC to attain its vision. All programs are expected to complete international accreditation in their respective relevant fields.

Over the years, MUIC has had several of its academic programs accredited by reputable organizations such as AACSB, AUN-QA, ACS and UNWTO.TedQual Certification as can be seen in the table below:

Future Plans and Activities

Next in the pipeline is the Media and Communication Program (Media Com) of the Fine and Applied Arts Division which is scheduled to undergo AUN-QA Assessment in 2024 while the Intercultural Studies and Languages Program (ICIC) of the Humanities and Language Division will have its turn in 2026. 

Goal No. 3: Sustainability

Promoting SDG-driven Projects

Formulated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) comprises 17 related objectives that serve as a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet now and into the future.”

MUIC is starting to incorporate SDGs in all of its major activities even as the Planning and Quality Development Section noted that most of the SDGs had been, in the past, run as activities organized by the divisions or student clubs.

The Sapphaya Old Market Revival Club is a project of Dr. Kaewta Muangasame of the THM Division that she started in 2017 upon the invitation of the Sapphaya municipal government. With strong support from the local government, businessmen and local people, Sapphaya enjoyed a revival through increased local tourism. In 2022, Sapphaya was nominated to be included in the Green Destination Top 100 Stories. This project subscribes to SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities).

The Social Science Division recently had several seminars on human rights, namely, “Nation to Nation: Humanity in Challenging Times” on November 29, 2022 and “Overcoming Injustice: Current Human Rights in Southeast Asia” on January 26, 2023 and “Public Diplomacy and Thai Foreign Policy” on February 13, 2023. These two events address SDG no. 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

For a longer list of past SDG-related projects, please scan this code:

Future Plans and Activities

The Humanities and Language Division’s Literary and Cultural Studies concentration will run      a film screening entitled “Gender Representation in Film” in the forthcoming Cultural Week in June 2023. The film screening is in support of SDG no. 5.

The Social Science Division has lined up a series of guest lectures in Term 2 and Term 3 of the current academic year that address SDG no. 4 (Lifelong Learning) and no. 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions). The topics of these seminars include “NATO and Eastern European Security in the Context of the Ukraine War,” “Thai Foreign Policy in Africa,” “Security in the Black Sea Region.”


The Research and Promotion Management Section (RPM) reported that MUIC produced 65 SDG-related research publications in 2022 and 4 as of February 2023. 

Some of these research projects were featured in the Innovative College  Event (ICE) held on February 17, 2023. Co-hosted by RPM and the Academic Services Section, it featured several activities like a forum on innovative research collaboration and another forum with the theme of “Innovation and the Creative Economy” and an exhibition highlighting innovative research and academic service projects from MUIC faculty and its partners.

Meanwhile, another SGD-related paper was published in the March 2020 issue of Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia by Asst. Prof. Dr. Analiza Liezl Perez-Amurao (with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sirijit Sunanta of Mahidol University), HLD Chair: “They are ‘Asians Just Like Us’: Filipino Teachers, Colonial Aesthetics and English Language Education in Thailand.” This corresponds with SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

Future Plans and Ongoing Activities

The RPM has recently launched the “Researcher Club Assembly (RCA),” a series of informal gatherings that encourage MUIC faculty and researchers to formulate and develop research questions and be a venue for presenting and discussing their research interests and develop camaraderie. It is planned to be held six times during the current fiscal year.

Research Collaboration

The RPM Section is also undertaking several research collaborations with several institutions:

  1. R2R MUIC & Siriraj: There are 4 collaboration projects in 2022 – 2023.
  2. MUIC & SSHA: An transdisciplinary research collaboration between researchers from various MU faculties, colleges and institutes.

IP Platform (VDO)

Another project under the aegis of the RPM Section is the production of five videos from 2022 to 2024 for public distribution and is meant to encourage research activities and help boost MUIC’s reputation. The first video project is entitled “The Value of a Classroom: Social Learning While Social Distancing” by Dr. Matthew Robert Ferguson, a faculty member of HLD.

Other long-term permanent plans and high-impact projects under RPM include establishing Research Clusters that will support innovative, sustainable, and transdisciplinary research projects. To support all these projects, the RPM Section offers support such as Research Cluster Grants, Presentation Funding, Products Rewards, and organizational support for focus group meeting of Knowledge Commons.

HLD Research

Soon to come off the press is a book entitled Education and Power in Contemporary Southeast Asia from Routledge which includes a chapter written by Asst. Prof. Dr. Analiza Liezl Perez Amurao of the Humanities and Language Division (HLD) entitled “Network of Opportunity or Network of Inequality? Online Job Postings for Native and Non-Native English Speaking Language Teachers in Thailand.” It is related to SDG no. 10 (Reduce Inequalities).

Two other faculty members from HLD, Dr. Anjana Warren and Dr. Kal Elle, are collaborating on a research paper entitled, “Perceptions of Date Rape in Thai Society: A Case Study of Collegiate Thai Male Students’ Perceptions and Awareness of Date Rape.” The paper focuses on SDG no. 5 (Gender Equality). It was presented during ICE 2023.

Aside from organizing and promoting SDG-related projects, MUIC is set to improve internal operations to align them with SDGs.

Conclusion: Charting the Future

A new set of challenges await MUIC in the next four years—and beyond. Much as management of day-to-day operations is a priority, MUIC’s leadership recognizes the imperative to prepare the college and its community for these challenges. Future graduates of MUIC must be equipped with both the hard and soft skills to have a successful start in their career journey. MUIC believes this can be done by transforming students into global citizens, making them aware of their place in this world and the responsibilities that go along with it.

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