Media Com Students Hold Online Thesis Exhibition

Senior students of Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Media Communication program of the Fine and Applied Arts Division (FAA) will hold an online thesis exhibition entitled “Amuseum” on July 10-11, 20-21.

Amuseum is a virtual museum-themed exhibition composed of 20 thesis projects that features live streaming, a talk show, a Q&A session, and many giveaways.

A statement from the program read, “Our idea for ‘Amuseum’ originated from the word ‘muse,’ as in the source of artistic inspiration. We want to express four years’ worth of collected creativity, knowledge, and passion through the art we’ve created. Despite the unfortunate circumstances enforcing an online exhibition, we are still determined to make this museum fun-filled, amusing and able to bring to life each piece as much as possible. Stay tuned and follow our journey that turns media into life at ‘Amuseum.’”

Facebook: Amuseum- Thesis Exhibition

Website Amuseum