International Relations Minor

International Relations Minor

International Relations Minor

International Relations Minor (Not for IRGA students)
  1. Students who choose the International Relations minor must register and complete   ICIR 101 Approaches to International Relations.
  2. Students may choose any 4 courses in addition to ICIR 101 to complete the International Relations minor.
  3. Alternative courses can be substituted to complete the minor if approved by the Program Director and Chair of the division
  4. The following is the International Relations Minor for ID 62+. ID 61 wanting to take the International Relations Minor must consult with the Social Science Chair or Program Director as changes to the minor were made that affects ID 61.
Course Code Course Name Credits
ICIR 101 Approaches to International Relations and Global Affairs 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 102 Approaches to Comparative Politics and Systems 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 201 The Formation of the Modern World: From the Industrial Revolution to High Imperialism 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 202 Globalization and the International Order in the Twentieth Century: From the First World War to 9/11 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 203 Foundations of Political Thought 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 204 Perspectives on International Relations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 211 Globalization and Social Change 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 213 Conflict, War and Peace Studies 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 215 Thai Foreign Policy 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 218 Authoritarian Populism 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 221 International Political Economy 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 222 International Organizations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 223 Democracy as a Political System 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 224 Security and Conflict in a Global Perspective 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 225 Global Media, Social Change and International Relations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 226 The History and Concept of Diplomacy 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 233 Nations and Nationalisms 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 302 ASEAN and Southeast Asian Regionalism 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 303 Transnational Movements and Migration 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 304 Transnational Crime 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 305 Conflict Resolution 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 307 The United Nations and Contemporary World Politics 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 309 Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 311 Foreign Policy Analysis 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 312 International Law and International Relations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 313 Human Rights and International Relations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 314 International Development Studies 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 315 Devolution, Privatization and State Failure 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 321 Political Risk, Business and International Relations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 322 The Politics and Economics of Non-Governmental Organizations 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 323 The Practice of Diplomacy 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 332 Comparative Regionalism 4 (4-0-8)
ICIR 334 Terrorism, Counterterrorism and Political Violence 4 (4-0-8)
Total Credits Required 20 credits

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