Biological Sciences

Whether you want to be a medical doctor or a biological researcher, a comprehensive degree program in Biological Sciences awaits you in MUIC.

Our program will help you expand and deepen your intellect and network. In your first year or two, you will pursue a rigorous and diverse general education curriculum. Then you will dive deeply into core areas like genetics, biochemistry, ecology and cell biology during your middle years. During years three to four, most students choose to finish a specialized module or concentration. Everyone completes a final year research project and an entrepreneurship or internship to hone their practical skills. You will be fully prepared to begin, for example, your M.D., Ph.D. or D.D.S. degree, or entry-level professional work in the public or private sector.

Other career options include being research assistants in the field of biological sciences at any academic institutes/universities, or as primary- and secondary-school teachers in the field of biological sciences at any international schools in research institutes or on research programs or projects.