Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship

The tourism and travel sector contributes over 20% to Thailand’s GDP, making it a very significant player in the economy. This is the reason why the program is designed for producing future leaders in this industry. Our goal is to adequately equip students with analytical skills based on a problem-based learning approach so that they can develop a more focused appreciation of specific issues related to case studies and find constructive solutions. We have excellent networks with our successful alumni and the tourism and hospitality industry and have a growing international reputation for quality education. We are the first undergraduate program in Thailand to receive double awards for quality assurance in education.

Graduates will be able to start and operate their own small and medium businesses in relation to travel and service businesses with focus on hotel, accommodation, restaurant, tourism, event, and health & wellness. They can also work in the public sector such as Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), or Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). Since students are trained for a basic research method course, they are applicable to work in a research field or for market research companies.