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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Douglas Rhein

Assistant Professor Dr. Douglas Rhein

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Douglas Rhein

Division Chair
+66 (0) 2700 5000, Ext. 1755


Ph. D. (Education Psychology; University of Southern Queensland, Australia)
M.A. (Mass Communications; University of Leicester, England)
B.Sc. (Psychology; East Michigan University, USA)

Areas of Research Interest / Publication

Psychology, Media Studies


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    Cornelius, P., & Rhein, D. (2019). Fifty Years On: Gender and the Role of Imagination in Lindsay Anderson’s If …Journal of Popular Film and Television. 47(2), 81-89.
  • Cornelius, P. & Rhein, D. (2019) Cinema of Change: Evolving Responses to World War II in Japan and the United States. World War II Re-explored. Peter Lang Publishing pp. 219-246.
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Course Taught

Introduction to Psychology
Social Psychology
Educational Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Independent Study in the Social Sciences

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