Hi everyone
Welcome to our last activity for this term

This is a photo competition under the theme “MASK ON”

Period : 14th June – 25th June
Platform : Instagram

How to join the competition 
1. Uploading your photo with the description which related to them theme on your Instagram account Don’t forget to set as a public
2. Adding the hashtag #MUICPHOTOWART32021 and tagging @MUICPHOTOCLUB
3. Fill in the Google form
4. All participates will get AT hour “D” for 2 hours

Special for our winners
1st place gets 1,000 baht
2nd place gets 500 baht
3rd place gets 300 baht
Popular vote gets 300 baht

Ps. we will repost your amazing photo to our Instagram post to look for the popular vote

Come to join us!!