Physical Education Program

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Physical Education Program

Physical Education (PE) is a component in Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Undergraduate General Education program. Unique amongst its peers, MUIC values the development of one’s mind and body. Regular physical activity is important to improve and maintain physical and mental health and promote lifelong habits in fitness and wellness, helping to stymie various health conditions. MUIC is the first and only international college in Thailand that offers PE. The PE department strives to offer a wide range of courses allowing students to explore and develop an interest in diverse forms of physical and fitness activities. For individuals to seamlessly work with one another and reach their full potential, they should exercise their mind and body equally and continuously.

International College General Physical Education (ICGP) Courses:

  1. ICGP 101 American Flag Football
  2. ICGP 102 Badminton
  3. ICGP 103 Basketball
  4. ICGP 104 Body Fitness
  5. ICGP 105 Cycling
  6. ICGP 106 Discover Dance
  7. ICGP 107 Golf
  8. ICGP 108 Mind and Body
  9. ICGP 109 Selected Topics in Sports
  10. ICGP 110 Self Defense (Striking)
  11. ICGP 111 Self Defense (Grappling)
  12. ICGP 112 Soccer
  13. ICGP 113 Social Dance
  14. ICGP 114 Swimming
  15. ICGP 115 Tennis
  16. ICGP 116 Volleyball

For more information please contact 

Mr. Roman Chirasanta
Physical Education Program Director

Humanities and Language (HLD) Office

Room 2208, 2nd Floor,
MUIC Building 2
Phone: +66 (2) 700 5000, Ext. 1213
Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm