Self-Challenge Ride

The MUIC Cycling Club launched a competition called “Self-Challenge Ride” on May 17, 2021 where participants had to go out cycling and earn prizes based on the distance they can cover.

The distance each rider covered were recorded by a mobile app called Strava. There were three prizes: stickers for 20 km, stickers and a wristband for 100 km, and stickers, and a wristband and a medal for 300 km.

The activity ended on the July 21 with 16 people qualifying for the prizes.

Below is the list of winners:

Gold Prize
1.Kriangkrai Suriyasakol (Marketing)
2.Keeradhit Wongwutthikrai (Business Economics)
3.Chonlasit Boonthaveepat (Marketing)
4.Nattanit Wongsiriluk (Business Economics)
5.Genatornd Athipornwanit (International Business)
6.Sutinee Lee (International Business)
7.Varatpong Hengsadeekul (International Business)

Silver Prize

1.Wuttipatra Tankongchamruskul (Business Economics)2.Sithipat Widchayakarn (Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship)
3. Chairak Wongsasutthikul (Finance)

Bronze Prize
1.Kornchanok Lin (International Business)
2.Chutiwat Ongwisespaiboon (International Relations and Global Affairs)
3.Neranchara Rujiprachakorn (Communication Design)
4.Ponrapat Worarat (Intercultural Studies and Languages)