Vlog Contest

Olive and SMO proudly presents the “Vlog Contest” our recent activity for you to take a chance and win a prize

Cash prizes
1st : 1500 Baht
2nd : 1000 Baht
3rd : 500 Baht

Reflects the student’s life on campus
Minimum video length of 7 mins
The video will be judged on its creativity and vlogger’s charisma

How to submit?
Upload a video on Youtube and submit the link to google form on SMO instagram

Starting from 2 till 19 March 2021

Please submit the vlog before 23:59 of 19 March. The result will be announced on the 21st of March on IG: @otternautsmo

Every participants will receive AT hours

Pick up your camera and shoot, its time to become a star