Legacy by MCC

Legacy by MCC is now here!

What is The Legacy? The Legacy is an internal case competition for all MUIC undergraduate students organized by MUIC Case Club

Take your spot in the MUIC internal case competition, and showcase your talents in case cracking and consulting through Legacy.

Why you should join Legacy?
This will looks great in your CVs
You will get prizes
Able to get AT hours up to 8 hours

Mahidol students
A team of 4 from any major

Sharpen your swords, horn up your skills and register for the Legacy today!

Application is NOW OPEN, APPLY now!

How to join:
Link: https://forms.gle/cds5YzLdt4NtsPzb9

Get ready to build your momentum!

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 Official Legacy Accounts:
Instagram: @legacybymcc
Facebook: Legacy by MCC

 Official MCC Accounts:
Instagram: @muiccaseclub
Facebook: @muic.caseclub
LinkedIn: MUIC Case Club

For more information, DM us