Job Hunt Competition

Ever wondered what the whole job application process was like? Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to find out! 

Career Insights Club would like to present the next activity called “Job Hunt Competition” 

What is this activity?
Get equipped with job application skills through real process. Getting start with your resumes, learning to apply for the job, and experience an exclusive interview session with job experts from MUIC and get their feedbacks for future improvements. 

Who’s it for?
for everyone include freshmen who wants to develop their job application and communication skills. For those who want to gain real experience and step out of your comfort zone to prepare for their careers.

What do you gain from this activity?
AT hours is provided:
– 1hr internationalization
– 1hr social skill

What roles can you apply for?
1. Marketing coordinator
2. Financial analyst
3. Content developer
4. Research and development associate for food and beverage

More detail about job descriptions will be provided in the poster

How do you register?
To register, simply scan the QR code provided which will bring you to the Google forms!

It is very important for you to join our special Line group for ‘Job Hunt’ to keep yourself updated. More information about this activity will also be in the job hunt Line group as well. 

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and apply for the role you’re interested in! Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

Join our ’Job Hunt’ Line group

Please click the link below to register