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All Business Administration majors are required to participate in either off or on-campus internships which will enable them to translate theory into practice by engaging in hands-on practical work experience.


Brew and Bev Bistro is a unique business internship on-campus program with a real work setting that provides students with the necessary skills to be future business leaders. The program provides opportunities for interns to enhance their skills in leadership, small business accounting and the development of team-building skills by strategizing business models. Additionally, interns develop their competence in supply chain, conflict issues, risk and crisis management, in addition to the management of technology in current business operations.

Apart from gaining experience in running a business, interns also learn the importance of customer-centric services based on their business mantra, Duay Jai Fae or Coffee from the Heart, as they provide service to MUIC students, staff, faculty and guests.

 Brew and Bev Bistro
Mahidol University International College
999 Phutthamonthon 4 Road,
Salaya,Nakhonpathom, Thailand 73170

 +66 (0) 2441 0298
 Brew & Bev


Students must apply in the trimester prior to the one in which they wish to undertake the internship, after which they are assigned to firms which provide training in their areas of study. During the internship, which generally runs for three months, students are monitored by MUIC’s External Internship Coordinator. On completion of the internship, students are evaluated by their firms’ supervisors and are required to complete a report, detailing their experiences and achievements during the internship.On their return to MUIC, each student is required to deliver a formal Powerpoint presentation for the External Internship Coordinator and a lecturer from their major. A representative from the firm will also be invited to observe. Each student’s overall grade is based on the company supervisor’s evaluation, the student’s report and an evaluation of the student’s presentation by members of the BA faculty.