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All Business Administration majors require students to complete an internship which will introduce them to real-life business situations and enable them to translate theory into practice.
Students must apply one term in advance through the internship program coordinator and they will be assigned to firms which provide training in their areas of study. During the internship, which generally runs for three months, students are monitored by MUIC’s External Internship Coordinator. Upon completion of the internship, students are evaluated by their firms’ supervisors and are required to complete a report, detailing their experiences and achievements during the internship. On their return to MUIC, each student is required to deliver a formal Powerpoint presentation for the External Internship Coordinator and a lecturer from their major. A representative from the firm will also be invited to observe. Each student’s overall grade is based on the company supervisor’s evaluation, the student’s report and an evaluation of the student’s presentation by members of the BA faculty.

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