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Research Clusters

Research Clusters

Visual Communication Research Cluster

The Visual Communication Research Cluster aims to produce research projects and activities that tangle visual communication disciplines through the integration of other fields, covering topics such as trans-cultural issues with interrelationships among the arts, culture, design, diversity, identity, governance, the environment, and society. The research projects and activities will transit into sharing and exposure to the different practices within the academic and industry paradigms.
(Cluster’s Manager: Ms. Dynaya Bhutipunthu, email:

Sustainability Research Cluster

The Sustainability Research Cluster is investigating the threats to coral reefs and aims to provide sustainable, cost effective measures and activities that are less damaging than present practices. To protect the reefs, we will establish well trained, professional and knowledgeable Tour Guides and Staff that have the skills and motivation to exhibit reef friendly behaviour; pass on reef related knowledge to visitors; and, along with Citizen Science activities for visitors, help in the recovery, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation of the reefs at Koh Sak and other islands in Pattaya Bay.
(Cluster’s Manager: Dr. Wayne Nicholas Phillips, email:

Bangkok Noi Research Cluster

The Bangkok Noi Research Cluster focuses on the community in proximity of Siriraj Hospital. Through the collaboration with Siriraj Hospital Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, the research project plans to identify short-term and long-term solutions to help revitalise the Bangkok Noi community. In the short term, the project will create a series of activities, such as exhibitions of ways of life in the community during the last centuries. In the long-term period, public hearings will lead to social and economic development initiatives, which in turn will be based on the local community development masterplan.
(Cluster’s Manager: Dr. Roberto Bruno Gozzoli, email: