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Research Excellence Community

The Research Excellence Community was established as an initiative by the Research and Promotion Management Unit at Mahidol University International College. The goal is to develop and facilitate a team of high potential researchers that produce high impact research findings, publications and products, as well as strengthen multidisciplinary research networks and focus on research proposal writing in applying for external funding.


Mrs. Agnieszka Atthasit

Agnieszka Atthasit

Areas of Research: learning strategies in language acquisition, assessment in language acquisition, language portfolio, multilingualism, emergency remote learning /online learning

Asst. Prof. Analiza Perez-Amurao

Assistant Professor Dr. Analiza Perez-Amurao

Areas of Research: Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Migration Studies, Educational Anthropology

Mrs. Barbara Ekamp

Barbara Maria Ekamp

Areas of Research: Philosophy, Cognitive Sciences, Chinese History

Ms. Christin Grothaus

Christin Marie Grothaus

Areas of Research: Social- and Cross-Cultural Psychology, Psychology of Education, Online Learning Across Cultures, Pro- and Anti-social Behavior, Workplace Communication and Motivation, Self- and Social Identity in the Context of Social Media Marketing

Mr. Christian Oesterheld

Christian Oesterhelf, MSc

Area of Research: Cultural History and Anthropology of Indonesia; Study of Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of Frontier Zones in Southeast Asia; Transitional Justice in Cambodia; Violence and Conflict Studies

Assistant Professor Dr. Douglas Rhein

Associate Professor Dr. Douglas Rhein

Areas of Research: Psychology, Film Analysis, Higher Education

Dr. Hardina Ohlendorf

Dr. Hardina Ohlendorf

Areas of Research: Discursive constructions of Taiwan identity, public space and public memory in post-authoritarian societies, transitional justice during democratic transitions, political and cultural dimensions of (Cross-Strait) tourism, strategic Chinese identities in Southeast Asia, identity constructions in frontier zones and borderlands

Mr. Matthew Ferguson

Dr. Matthew Ferguson
Areas of Research: International Education, Narrative Inquiry

Mr. Norachai Nanthakij

Norachai Nanthakij
Areas of Research: Intellectual Property

Dr. Peter Kurdi

Areas of Research: Probiotics, Prebiotics, Edible Insects

Dr.Roberto Gozzoli

Dr. Roberto Gozzoli

Areas of Research: Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Cultural Heritage, Sustainability, Tourism, World Heritage

Dr. Wayne N. Phillips

Dr. Wayne Phillips

Areas of Research: Human dimensions of environmental change; adaptive and collaborative ecosystem governance in marine and aquatic systems; ecological rehabilitation, restoration, resilience, and conservation; holistic vulnerability and sustainability assessment; assessment of collective conservation actions; citizen science

Events and Activities

Past Activities

On Friday, June 11, 2021 the Deans and staff from the Research and Promotion Management (RPM) Section, along with faculty members from MUIC, met with the Director and staff members of IHRI to discuss developing further research collaborations between the two organizations. Additional meetings in the near future will be organized to plan multidisciplinary research projects and academic products.

The Research Excellence Community was launched on Friday, March 5, 2021 in an online meeting. Over 30 faculty members joined the meeting to learn more about research initiatives, membership, as well as upcoming activities and events.

Upcoming Events

The Knowledge Commons is aimed at fostering greater engagement among the MUIC community in research and knowledge production. A more engaged and vibrant research climate will inspire new opportunities for collaboration across disciplines at MUIC among both faculty and students. The Knowledge Commons provides a collegial space for presentation and for sharing and testing work with peers. Seminars and related activities will be conducted each academic year.

Contact Us

  • Potential partners and researchers interested in collaborating with us  please contact: RPM staff (Contact Email: and )  
  • MUIC Faculty interested in becoming a member of the Research Excellence Community please contact: RPM staff (Contact Email: )