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The College began as the International Students Degree Program (ISDP) in September of 1986 with a total of 45 students – admittedly, not a particularly auspicious beginning. However, by the time the program moved into its own facilities in 1992, enrolment had reached almost 500.

In 1996 ISDP was officially renamed Mahidol University International College (MUIC), and with the formal opening of a more expansive complex that served approximately 1,000 students two years later, it experienced a dramatic and consistent increase in enrolment which subsequently meant an increase in the number of its graduates.

The College sponsored its first alumni reunions in 2004 and again in 2005. In 2006, during its 20th year, MUIC boasted of 2,335 graduates and a decision was made to formally establish the MUIC Alumni Association.

According to Ajarn Michael Naglis, an MUIC alumnus who served as the Alumni Liaison at that time and was the Assistant Dean for Students Affairs, “I personally want to see an active alumni association that will benefit all of its members, an alumni association that will become one of the college’s most valuable resources. The bonds and connections that we once shared should be reactivated and become real again.”

During the ensuing years the Association conducted several more reunions. It was in October of 2010, however, that the college sponsored a major ISDP/MUIC Alumni Association Reunion in Salaya campus, whose primary purpose was to elect a president. Mr. Rachan Woramunee was elected President of the MUIC Alumni Association and subsequently selected a steering committee which is responsible for coordinating alumni reunions and activities. Mr. Visut Kittichotiwong was elected as the fourth president of MUIC Alumni Association in March 2019. Currently, the Alumni Association has 6,066 members.