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Any student who enrolled at ISDP/MUIC, for whatever length of time, is eligible to become a member of the MUIC Alumni Association.When the MUIC Alumni Association was formally established in 2006, the fee for life-long membership was announced at 1,000 Baht. In 2008 that membership fee was included in MUIC’s graduation expenses so that all MUIC graduates automatically became members of the Association. The college currently has more than 8,000 alumni, 5,877 of whom are official members of the Association. For ISDP/MUIC alumni who have not been the MUICAA (Mahidol University International College Alumni Association) member yet, please contact:

Tel. 02-441-5090 Ext.1707

Membership benefits

  1. An MUIC Alumni Association membership card
  2. Discount admission to all alumni reunions and events
  3. The right to run for and vote for the Association’s leadership team
  4. Issues of the quarterly MUIC newsletter, KaleidoScope
    Note: We have been sending issues of KaleidoScope to our Alumni Association members since 2006. However, we will terminate this service beginning with the July 2013 issue. Instead, all Alumni Association members will have access to the newsletter on both the Association and MUIC websites. This new policy was prompted by suggestions from a number of our alumni.
  5. Most importantly, members have access to the Association’s resources in order to re-connect with former acquaintances, friends and colleagues.

MUICAA membership privileges 2015 onwards

MUIC Graduate programs


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