Change of major Trimester 1/2021-22

Request & Submission 18 October – 5 November 2021

Qualified Applicants (ID 588XXXX and onwards)
1. Complete at least one trimester of study by the time of making request.
2. Never have been approved for change of major before.
3. Be qualified according to the particular qualification of each Division.
*Students who entered MUIC with non-Math admission and want to change to the major which requires Math will have to meet the admission criteria by passing SAT or ACT Math test.

1. Meet all the specified criteria by the requested major.
2. Request at ‘e-Request’ via the SKY system.
3. Wait for The staff to send the ‘change of major form’ to you via email after requesting via the SKY system.
4. Acquire all required authorization signatures.
5. Submit the completed form via email by 5 November 2021.

Those students who would like to change a major to Communication design or Media Communication should make a request by 21 October 2021.

* *For more information and any queries, please contact Registrar Unit at or