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Due to the Covid-19 situation and prevention protocol, MUIC SAT test center code 71119 has to cancel SAT examination on March 12, 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience. …

1000-Aptitude test
Student Announcements

Aptitude test

Career insights club officialy has a new activity install for you. The Aptitude test  Aptitude tests are a great method companies utilise to improve the quality of hiring and promoting. So, in order to give you a hint of what your future in …

1000-Splendor Tournament
Campus LifeMUIC News

Splendor Tournament!

Board Game Club is Back! We are ready to announce our second online activity for this term. Splendor Tournament! Activity Details :Date: Friday, 4th March 2022Time: 7-10 PMLocation: ZOOM Meeting Only 32 seats are available Rewards:1st place – 1,200 baht2nd place – 800 …

Campus LifeMUIC News

Career Insight Club Administers Aptitude Test

From February 9 to 25, Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Career Insight Club organized an aptitude test program that can help students know how ready they are for a job application that companies today require. There were 106 who participants took the …

03-BioDesign Program

MUIC Meets Visitors from Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

Assoc. Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, M.D., MUIC Dean, met with a delegation from the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University on February 24, 2022. The meeting, held at room A303 in Aditayathorn Building, was about the BioDesign Program of Siriraj and how …

1000-Scholarships_Webinar_UoB copy
Student Announcements

Scholarships Webinar – University of Bristol

The International Affairs is pleased to invite you to join a Scholarships Webinar provided by the University of Bristol (UoB), UK. Join Rowena from the UoB International Scholarships Team as she talks to you about the Scholarships available and how to apply, along with …

Copy of MUIC Exchange program (Instagram Post)
Student Announcements

MUIC Exchange Program January Intake 2022-2023

The International Affairs is pleased to invite MUIC students to apply for the Exchange Program from 18 February- 1 March: Outbound student application (for the remaining slots): Register your candidacy to be an outbound student (for the exchange activity starting from August …

Sport Social Media Banner Template Collection with Unique Style
Student Announcements

Diplomacy in the Modern Age: From Hard to Soft to Smart-power

International Relations and Global Affairs Special Guest Lecture “Diplomacy in the Modern Age: From Hard to Soft to Smart-power” By Mr. Edwin Samuel Senior Diplomat United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Moderator: Associate Professor Douglas Lee Rhein Ph.D Chair, Social Science Division …

งานนำเสนอ การศึกษา กฎห
Campus LifeMUIC News

Online Cooking Session for MUIC’s Partner Universities

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) held an online cooking session called “Cooking with Love” exclusively for its partner-universities on February 11, 2022. Featuring “a romantic home-cooked meal for the Valentine’s season,” the session had as resource speakers Mr. Kanapat Chalermpanth, an MUIC alumnus (Social Science, …

1000-MUIC Students and Lecturer Visit Channel 3

MUIC Students and Lecturer Visit Channel 3

Three students from Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) International Relations and Global Affairs (IRGA) program along with the program’s internship coordinator, Ajarn Pattaka Sa-ngimnet, visited Search Entertainment Co., which operates under Channel 3 on February 17, 2022. The excitement of these IRGA …

1000-Duke copy
AlumniMUIC News

MUIC Alumnus Receives Award from Ministry of Education

Mr. Duke Intraprasert, a THM alumnus from the Class of 2004, received the Best School Executive Awards 2022 from the Office of the Private Education Commission (Thailand) and Non-Formal Private Education Association (Thailand), in a ceremony held at the Teachers Council Auditorium, Ministry of Education, on February 13, 2022. Mr. Duke is …

1000-Glimpse of Valentine's copy
Student Announcements

Glimpse of Valentine’s

Welcome back to MUIC Music Club After a long break, we’ve got a special activity for thisup-coming love season called,Glimpse of Valentine’s Because Valentine’s day is the day we celebrate Love, share us your creativity with the idea of Loving optimistically  Gather 1-3 …

1000-Lemme Know, Lemme Share copy
Student Announcements

Lemme Know, Lemme Share

Greetings from Innter Peace Club Welcome to our second online activity, Lemme Know, Lemme Share  Let’s see how much you know about yourself through 5 theme in 5 days …

1000-Volun-Tutor copy
Student Announcements


Have you ever wished to become a Volunteer Teacher?Here is your chance! Volun-Tutor Volunteer Club is looking for volunteer English teachers to help teach children from all over Thailand, ranging from grade 4 to 9, with the aim to improve their English …

1000-Love copy
Student Announcements


Welcome to LOVE SECRET HUNT Someone is having a crush on you!Get clues from the background stories of your potential soulmates and the love letter.Solve puzzles that will be posted throughout this week to find out who sent the love letter.Submit your answers …

1000-Which animal is your soulmate? copy
Student Announcements

Which animal is your soulmate?

Our club’s ASL teachers have provided tutorials to sign 10 animals on our Instagram Highlights (@muicslc) Our media team created an Instagram Filter where the filter will predict your animal soulmateSearch up ‘SLC UrAnimalSoulmate’ to use the filter INSTRUCTIONS – The participant is …

1000-Cycling club Donate copy
Student Announcements

Cycling Club’s donate to Baan Nokkamin Foundation activity

Donate sports equipment to children in need today in the Cycling Club’s donate to Baan Nokkamin Foundation activity.  Donate new/secondhand sports equipment or money to Baan Nokkamin Foundation and get AT while helping children who are in need.  Instructions1.  Donate sports equipment to:Somchai Chuesuke …

Student Announcements

Scientific Pick-up Lines

Greetings from Science Society Club !!!!We are delighted to present to you our second activity of the term, Scientific Pick-up LinesExpress your love through pick-up lines inspired by science for this special Valentine’s Day.  To complete this activity, 1. Upload your best scientific pick-up lines …

Student Announcements

Mini Concert by IC Be My Love

“Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats” Sandee would like to invite you guys to join our mini concert during IC Be My Love event. 12 February18:00-21:00 on Zoom Here are our singers: “Ketaya” & “The Picnik” No registration needed …

1000-Debate Weekly Session
Student Announcements

Weekly Debate Session

Greetings from MUIC Debate Club Our club will be hosting our Weekly Debate Session on this Friday 11th, at 16:00! Don’t forget to join us for lively discussions and fun activities!  Meeting Link: Our contacts:Line group: MUIC DEBATE CLUBInstagram: @MUICDEBATE …

1000-Sigma Club Launches Mystery Hunt
Campus LifeMUIC News

Sigma Club Launches Mystery Hunt

The Sigma Club of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) held its second activity in Trimester 2/2021-22 entitled “Love Secret Hunt” which took place from February 1 to 14, 2022. This online activity gave participants a storyline and characters for them to find …

1000-Responsible Business Challenge copy
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Responsible Business Challenge

Human activities are responsible for majority of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere this includes unethical business practices. To raise awareness THM Club is excited to announce our 2nd activity for this trimester : Responsible Business Challenge What to do :• Form …

1000-Sustournability copy
Student Announcements


Here comes the first Rakkaew activity for this term!!!!This first activity is called Sustournabilityin this activity you’ll be asked to:1. share local trip experience via instagram stories2. tagging 2 friends, and also mention @Rakkaew.muic and #rakksustournability. Those who participate, will get a chance to …

1000-MEiD Hackathon
AlumniMUIC News

MUIC Alumnus Wins 1st Place in MEiD Hackathon

An alumnus of Mahidol University International College (MUIC), Mr. Phuwarat Norchoovech (Computer Science, Class of 2008) won with his team UpPass the 1st Place in MEiD Hackathon: Digital ID Solution for All in their innovation “No-Code Verification Onboarding Platform” at the Auditorium, …

1000-Own Mug
Campus LifeMUIC News

Paint Your Own Mug with Volunteer Club

From January 31 to February 13, 2022, the Volunteer Club of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) organized an online activity named entitled “Cute MugMug.” There were 155 students who had to buy an unpainted mug along with paints from the club and …

1000-Word Puzzzle copy
Campus LifeMUIC News

Word Puzzle

Cycling Club announces the Word Puzzle Activity! Complete the word puzzles we provide every Friday week 4-10 at 8 P.M. and get a chance to win 3 prizes of 100 baht EACH WEEK! AT Hours of each week Puzzle releases 4,11,18,25 February, 4,11,18 March 2022Participate …

1000-TikTok_1 copy
Campus LifeMUIC News

Dance Club presents our TikTok Challenge!

Learn the choreography created by us and post it on social media, tagging us and two other friends! (You can submit both songs)All participants get H-1,D-1 AT hours.Last Day of Submission: February 25 Happy Dancing!  Submit Here: …

1000-MUIC Student Association Organizes Valentine’s Day Event
Campus LifeMUIC News

MUIC Student Association Organizes Valentine’s Day Event

“IC Be My Love,” a three-hour Valentine’s Day online activity, was organized by Student Association on February 12, 2022 via Zoom with over 150 participants. There was a number of activities such as “It’s a Match,” a couple quiz, a mini-concert, “Pick-a-card …

1000-MUIC Students Post Pictures of Loved Ones
Campus LifeMUIC News

MUIC Students Post Pictures of Loved Ones

Valentine’s Day is for everyone, according to the Student Association, which launched “The Beauty of Love” activity which was part of the bigger “IC Be My Love” campaign held on February 12, 2022. The club believes that Valentine’s Day is not only …

1000-JuJube Jukebox copy
Campus LifeMUIC News

JuJube Jukebox

Valentine is rolling around again! Do you want to send a gift or a massage to someone and might win a lucky draw? Theatre club will be you cupid!Meet! JuJube JukeboxWe will deliver your love for you with the most special selection of …

02-THM Ambassadors_2
BlogsMUIC News

THM Ambassadors: Representing the Best of MUIC

Meet the THM Ambassadors, 12 students enrolled in the THM Division’s Travel and Service Business Entrepreneurship program selected and trained to serve and represent the division in major college events. The group’s vision is “To enhance the reputation of tourism and hospitality industry …

1000-Alumnus Donates to MUIC Student Association
AlumniMUIC News

Alumnus Donates to MUIC Student Association

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) recently received a donation of cash and kind worth a total value of 97,560 Baht from one of its alumni. Asst. Prof. Dr. Chayanant Hongfa, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, received from Mr. Mark Limsiripahn (Biological Science …

งานนำเสนอ การศึกษา วิท

Thailand, Japan Attractive to Foreign Students, Says MUIC-Chiba Event

Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Project Development Unit (PDU) and Human Resources Development Unit collaborated with Chiba University International Student Division (CU-ISD), Japan in organizing the P2P Staff Development Project Session 4 on January 28, 2022, with the topic “Strength of Japan and Thailand …

1000-Photo Club’s “Color & Grid”
Campus LifeMUIC News

Photo Club’s “Color & Grid”

Mahidol University International College’s (MUIC) Photo Club organized an activity from January 31 to February 6, 2022 called “Color & Grid.” A total of 243 participants joined the activity which involved posting photos in a grid on their Instagram Story. The said …

04-vc1 copy

MUIC Holds Seminar on Covid-19 Vaccination

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) held a seminar entitled “Updates on Covid-19”  on February 4, 2022 via Zoom Meeting. Assoc. Prof. Chulathida Chomchai, M.D., MUIC Dean, was the guest speaker. Organized by the Health and Work Environment Unit of the Workplace Committee, …

How to Request -Request at 'e-Request' via the SKY system. -Pick
MUIC NewsStudent Announcements

Change of major Trimester 2/2021-2022

Request & Submission 14 February – 4 March 2022 Qualified Applicants (ID 588XXXX and onwards)1. Complete at least one trimester of study by the time of making request.2. Never have been approved for change of major before.3. Be qualified according to the …

1000-Slide1 copy
Campus LifeCareer Opportunities News

Virtual Job Fair at MUIC

Mahidol University International College (MUIC) held “MUIC Virtual Job Fair 2022: Career & Recruitment Talks” via Zoom Application on January 28-29, 2022. The online event, organized by the Alumni Affairs and Career Development Group of the Office of Student Affairs in collaboration …

1000-Consistency Challenge
Student Announcements

The Consistency Challenge

Greetings from MUIC Muay Thai Club,  We are happy to announce our very first activity of this trimester The Consistency Challenge is back 1. Register by scanning our Google Form QR Code 2. Film yourself working out to any types of workout. (timelapse …

Campus LifeMUIC News

Career Talk

Career Insights Club x Fungjai Introducing our very first activity of the year Career Talk It’s never too early to plan and prepare for you’re upcoming future career! Date: 4th February 2022Time: 16:00 – 18:00 Register here: It’s now or never! Don’t miss …

Student Announcements


The MUIC Cycling Club invites you to participate in Build-a-Bike Activity!  Design and create your own dream bike using the parts of your choice on the provided website and submit the final design to us to get the chance to win 10 prizes of …

1000-AIESEC Club
Student Announcements

IC Be My Love

Feeling lonely during Valentine’s season? Don’t worrySandee are proud to present IC Be My Lovea Valentine activity that everybody can enjoy  Date: 12 FebruaryTime: 6 pm – 9 pmLocation: Zoom ** This event will be conducted in Thai** Dress code: Single = BlackTaken = …


ASC Bingo & This or That!

AIESEC Club is back! AIESEC club’s first activity: ASC Bingo & This or That!  Please stay tuned for our game templates to be released this Thursday, January 27  AT Hours: 2 in Internationalization Socials:Instagram : @aiesecmuicFacebook : MUIC Aiesec ClubLine Openchat : …

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